Audience Response Systems

Audience Response Systems (ARS) are excellent for polling attendees, gathering information and enhancing presentations/education. There will be an audience response technician to operate the equipment in the designated polling room and to switch the video projector between your presentation computer and the audience polling computer. (Or we’ll have the ARS on the Second screen depending upon the set up in that room).

Types of questions that you can use to poll the attendees: 

  • Yes/No

  • True/False

  • Multiple choice

  • 1-10 (or A-J)

  • Demographic (i.e. How long have you been at your present position? Or Which area of Medicine do you practice?, etc.)

  • Likert (Statement 1) Strongly agree - 5) Strongly Disagree -Select all that apply (allows attendees to select more than one response)

  • Ranking Question (allows attendees to select their top three priorities in order, from the list of options)

Applying the polling during your presentations

Prior to your session, the technician will have received your pre-programmed content and will confirm when your interactive questions will be applied during your presentation and then will be watching and listening for your verbal cue as to when to switch from your computer to the polling computer (it is recommended that you leave your questions in your presentation as the place holder/ reminder so you (and the polling technician) have an obvious cue that it is time for an interactive question(s). The place holder can be the question or a slide that says (Interactive Question 1, or ARS Question 1).

Submission of questions content

We request that you submit your question content to the event organizers five business days prior to your event so they can organize them and send them to the polling company (in PPT or Word Format). Changes and additions can be made on location right up until your presentation takes place, but the sooner that we get your question content/changes, the less likely that there will be any errors, for hastily inputting last minute changes etc.

How to present your interactive questions

During your presentation your polling slide reminder will appear and you will state, that it is time for some feedback from the attendees and to pick up the polling keypads (they do not have to be removed from their holders – clear plastic). When question slide appears, read the question and array of choices aloud to attendees. Then ask them to vote and a 10 second count down clock appears to remind them. After the countdown clock has finished, the polling is closed and the votes are tallied and shown in a horizontal bar graph display (See right).

After the countdown clock has finished, the polling is closed and the votes are tallied and shown in a horizontal bar graph display

It is standard that some statement or comment/discussion takes place once the data graph is displayed – but not mandatory. The technician will then display the next polling slide (upon verbal cue form the presenter) – or will switch back to the presentation (which the presenter then resumes slide advancement).

At the end of the session- please remind the attendees that the keypads

are easy to misplace and that we need to get all of them back, so please leave them on the chairs.

Post Session

The polling session data is sent to the event organizers in PPT and Excel format for distribution. The technician will be on location on the day prior to the first polling session to present how to run an interactive session and to field any questions that may arise from the speakers.


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