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This contract is issued pursuant to the quote/invoice(s) between Client named above and Eventcasting Inc, DBA GEC (GEC), effective see above for date(s) (the quote/invoice). This contract is subject to the terms and conditions listed on our website at and also information contained in this quote/invoice between the parties and is made a part thereof. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the terms of this contract and the terms of this Agreement, the terms of this contract shall govern and prevail. This quote/invoice (hereinafter called the contract), effective as listed above is entered into by and between GEC and Client, and is subject to the terms and conditions specified below. 

WRITTEN QUOTATIONS become contracts only when signed by an authorized representative of your firm.  Such contracts supersede any preliminary estimates or quotations. Unless otherwise specified in writing, the Property shall be leased on a day-to-day basis and all rates shall apply to each full day or any fraction thereof which has elapsed between the time the Property is “delivered” to Lessee and the time it is “returned” to Lessor. Lessee agrees to return the Property on the date and time specified on the equipment schedule.  This estimate does not include, unless specifically stated: 1. Union labor (if required). 2. Permits and/or fees (if required). 3. Security (equipment becomes client's responsibility while on site).4. Electricity, generator or power distribution equipment. 5. Venue rigging charges. 6. Stage risers/platforms. 7. Forklift, equipment lift, personnel lift, or other heavy equipment. 8. Cost of priority (rush) or additional deliveries. 9. Parking fees, ground transportation fees, or other travel related expenses. This proposal has been prepared based upon information provided at the time of its preparation. Every effort has been made to provide an accurate estimate of any anticipated costs. All labor will be charged based upon actual hours of work performed during the event. All expenses beyond the direct control of GEC, will be passed on to the client in the final invoice. 

EQUIPMENT:  Per attached. Minimum rental period is based on one event day (24 hour) rental unless otherwise stated. All rates are daily. Client assumes responsibility for the security of the equipment during all times that the equipment is on site. I understand that GEC will hold me financially liable for replacement, at replacement cost, plus a 15% restocking fee and any lost revenue associated with the loss. I am also accepting responsibility for any equipment damages that may arise at times when Global Events staff are not present or damages caused by myself, my staff, the end client's staff, event attendees or other contractors working in proximity of the equipment but not under the direct control and supervision of GEC . Under these circumstances my financial responsibility will include the repair cost associated with any damage, plus loss of revenue associated with the equipment not being available during the period of repair. Client will grant permission to GEC to repossess the equipment at the venue/job site or location elsewhere at any time. In the event that the equipment is stolen lost or not returned within 7 days of the agreed return date, the client will be obligated to pay GEC the list price of the equipment. If damaged, the Client will be obligated to pay GEC the repair cost. If the equipment is not returned to GEC on the date and time specified in good working order the client will continue to pay maximum rental rate until return plus a late charge of $20.00 per item per day. Equipment can only be used at the venue or job site listed above. The client will not remove any GEC Inventory label/barcode from the equipment for any reason. 

LABOR:  Both parties understand that the total labor amount reflected in this quotation is an estimate. Both parties understand that the total labor amount reflected in this quotation is an estimate. At the conclusion of the project, Client will be billed for all actual labor incurred based on GEC's customary labor rates. GEC does not currently anticipate any additional labor charges and will make all reasonable efforts to notify Client in advance of any additional labor requirements. Minimum labor call for all technicians is 4 hours. Any hours worked in excess of eight consecutive hours will be billed at time-and-one-half the regular rate.  Any hours worked between 12:00am and 6:00am will be billed at double-time. 

UNION: Estimate does not include union hands or riggers (Unless otherwise stated). Union labor estimates are payable in full 10 days prior to opening of show. 

ON-SITE ADDITIONS/CHANGES: Should additional equipment be required on show site which was not originally specified, all costs relative to these additions or changes shall be borne by Client.   

FAILURE OF EQUIPMENT: GEC guarantees that all equipment is in good working condition upon delivery. If a problem should occur, GEC must be notified as soon as possible to correct the situation. 

SECURITY: Upon arrival for load in and until departure, The CLIENT shall take reasonable measures to protect the safety of GEC’s Technician(s) and secure all of GEC’s equipment from theft or damage while the contracted services are rendered. This includes overnight periods. The CLIENT is responsible for any damage or theft to GEC equipment during periods when GEC personnel are not present. GEC requests that access to the stage area be limited to authorized persons only. GEC reserves the right to cancel or withdrawal services at our discretion in the event of threat of damage to equipment or injury to personnel by unruly crowds or performers.

PARKING: Customer will provide parking arrangements for GEC vehicles.

ELECTRICAL: Client is responsible for the cost of providing any and all necessary electrical power required for this project.

CANCELLATION:  If for any reason, including acts of God a job is canceled or delayed, client will be liable as follows:  

 - Anytime up to fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the events equipment departure from warehouse.  Cost of expenses plus 15% 

 - Under fourteen (14) calendar days, but more than three (3) days, prior to the events equipment departure from warehouse Cost of Project Management time, and all expenses (expenses marked up 15%).

 - Less than three (3) calendar days, but more that 24 hours, prior to the events equipment departure from warehouse 25% of total estimated charge and all expenses (expenses marked up 15%).

 - Less than 24 hours from the scheduled departure of the event's equipment from the warehouse 50% of scheduled technical labor, 50% of equipment rental, up to 100% of any sub-rental equipment, transportation cost, cost of event equipment preparation/restocking, project management time, and expenses (expenses marked up 15%).

 - No credit for onsite cancellations or changes.  All decorating and facility charges including drayage are the responsibility of the exhibitor unless otherwise noted.

OUTDOOR SHOW: While we strive to support the show rain or shine, GEC reserves the right, at GEC’s sole discretion, to withdraw equipment and limit services in the event of severe weather or the threat of severe weather that could damage equipment or injure personnel (examples: active lighting, 15-20+mph winds, torrential rains).

TAX EXEMPTION:  GEC cannot honor tax exemptions without a valid tax exemption certificate. Tax exempt organizations are requested to forward a current copy of their tax exemption certificate to GEC.     

PAYMENT GUIDELINES: Credit card - to be charged upon completion of services rendered unless otherwise stated. Clients with an established account with GEC, charges are payable as follows: (a) Balance due net 30 on completion of event, on approval of credit,  (b) In addition to all other remedies, invoices more than 30 Days past due will incur a monthly service charge of 1.5% on the outstanding balance.

INDEMNIFICATION: Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold GEC harmless for any legal fees and/or damages to any third party caused by Client, its employees, independent contractors, assignees, or other representatives resulting directly or indirectly from this project. GEC agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Client harmless for any legal fees and/or damages to any third party caused by GEC, its employees, independent contractors, assignees, or other representatives resulting directly or indirectly from this project.

CONFIDENTIALITY: This proposal is confidential and may not be disclosed to any third party or other unintended party by any means, including written, verbal, or other means, without prior written approval from GEC. Client also may not disclose in whole or in part to any third party or other unintended party any documents prepared by GEC, including, but not limited to, contracts, correspondence, e-mails, equipment lists, labor lists, transportation lists, drawings, blueprints,or design layouts.

TRANSFER: The terms specified in this proposal are not transferable to any third party.

THIS AGREEMENT, along with the quotation documents, contains the entire agreement and understanding between the parties and may not be modified except by writing, signed by both parties to the agreement. If there is a dispute that results in litigation, all parties agree that any legal proceeding will be held in Monroe County, NY

TO RESERVE GEC resources, sign below and send  to: GEC 2290 East Avenue Rochester, NY 14610.


I HAVE READ and acknowledge the above rental agreement.

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